Entradas por Fernando Casares

Hedgehog 2015: Practical Course and Conference, Chile

The 2015 Meeting on Hedgehog Signaling – to be held October 21 to 25, 2015, in Puerto Varas, Chile. To further enhance the impact and participation in this meeting, it will be held as a satellite meeting of the Chilean Society of Cell Biology Meeting 2015 (to be held October 25-29 at the same location). Origen: […]

Cellular synapsis for cell-cell signalling

The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers who study morphogen signalling, filopodia formation and dynamics, axon guidance and neuronal signalling, exosomes, nanotubes and wavefront-engineering microscopy. This mix of topics and interests, which all pertain to synaptic signalling by neuronal and non-neuronal cells, has not previously been understood to be functionally related, but […]