Entradas por Fernando Casares

«Shaping Life» nuevo congreso internacional organizado por la SFBD, Marsella 24-27 Mayo, 2016

We are please to announce that The French Society for Developmental Biology (SFBD) is organizing a new international conference «Shaping Life» which will take place in Marseille, from May 24th to 27th 2016. Shaping Life-2016 meeting will focus on Cell and Tissue Growth, Gene Regulation and Epigenetics, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Evolution and, Morphogenesis. Confirmed Speakers […]

Ayuda de viaje para participantes en el curso de Embriología de Woods Hole 2016

Con la finalidad de favorecer la formación de sus socios, la Sociedad Española de Biología del Desarrollo (SEBD) ofrece ayudas de 1000€ para gastos de viaje derivados de la participación en la edición 2016 del curso de Embriología en el Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts (http://bit.ly/1Myiv33). Las solicitudes para la participación en […]

Eric Davidson (1937-2015)

Eric H. Davidson murió el martes 1 de septiembre de 2015. Aún en activo a sus 78 años, era desde 1982 Norman Chandler Professor of Cell Biology en el California Institute of Technology (Caltech), una de las mejores universidades del mundo, a la que se había incorporado en 1971. Fue pionero en diversos ámbitos de […]

Hedgehog 2015: Practical Course and Conference, Chile

The 2015 Meeting on Hedgehog Signaling – to be held October 21 to 25, 2015, in Puerto Varas, Chile. To further enhance the impact and participation in this meeting, it will be held as a satellite meeting of the Chilean Society of Cell Biology Meeting 2015 (to be held October 25-29 at the same location). Origen: […]

Cellular synapsis for cell-cell signalling

The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers who study morphogen signalling, filopodia formation and dynamics, axon guidance and neuronal signalling, exosomes, nanotubes and wavefront-engineering microscopy. This mix of topics and interests, which all pertain to synaptic signalling by neuronal and non-neuronal cells, has not previously been understood to be functionally related, but […]